Online Program to Help Older Learners

Destinations Internet is a comprehensive online learning program geared toward the accelerated advancement of adolescent and adult learners in workforce training programs, alternative high schools, correctional education programs, community colleges and public housing education programs. The program, formed by Computer Curriculum Corporation (CCC), allows for the remote delivery of customized skills education. Approximately 9,000 learning activities are incorporated into the program. The online coursework is designed to stimulate interest in literacy and learning among older learners seeking to attain high school diplomas, pass GED exams or prepare for the workforce.

Instructors and learners do all of their work online. The sophisticated management system expedites processes that assess learners’ skills, diagnose learning needs and prescribe activities. Other features test learning retention and generate reports to ensure accountability. The service runs entirely online, so nothing need be saved to users’ hard drives, and classes can be accessed from any Internet terminals. Computer Curriculum Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA, (888) CCC4KIDS ext. 6253,

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.