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PC Management System Gains Remote Control

NetSupport Manager from NetSupport Inc. is a PC remote control software package that has numerous applications both in class and in distance learning. It allows an educator to watch, share or control the screen and keyboard of individual or multiple student PCs simultaneously, regardless of network protocol or operating system. File transfer capabilities allow for the transfer and uploading of files to computers, or the distribution and manipulation of files on multiple PCs. The package also has remote communication functionality, making it possible to remote control PCs on remote LANs/WANs or through dial-up, ISDN, Internet or serial link.


The NetSupport Manager product suite also has Active-X technology, which offers the ability for multiple users to connect simultaneously to view a single PC for interactive distance learning. The only requirement is an Internet connection and an installed browser. With this, a scheduled lesson can be posted and Internet users can connect through their browser to the instructor’s PC to view and interact with the lesson. NetSupport Inc., Cumming, GA, (888) 665-0808,

This article originally appeared in the 05/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.