Gateway Profile

Sleek, stylish and very practical, the Gateway Profile takes up about as much desktop space as an LCD monitor. However, it is a fully loaded, network-ready computer with a 466 MHz (upgradeable to 550 MHz) processor. It is offered in two standard configurations, the SE and XL. Both configurations include 64MB of RAM, expandable to 256MB, a fast 64-bit video subsystem and a 4.3GB or 6.4GB Ultra ATA hard drive.

Each Profile includes an integrated 3-Com 10/100 Ethernet adapter. With this, it can be connected to a network hub and immediately ready to share data and resources. Also standard is a 466 MHz AMD K6-2 processor that has been optimized for applications where space and efficiency are primary concerns. All systems come installed with Microsoft Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0, along with MS Works Suite 99 and McAfee VirusScan. The SE model has a 24X max CD-ROM drive, while the XL model comes with a DVD-ROM drive with a hardware MPEG2 decoder. Gateway, North Sioux City, SD, (800) GATEWAY,

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.