International Conference to Address Information Technology

The Fourth International Conference on New Information Technologies and Workshop on New Information Technologies in Education will be held on December 5-7, 2000 in Minsk, Belarus. The conference is expected to unite teachers and scientists from across the western world for workshops and presentations on information technologies in education. Topics include applications such as telecommunications, artificial intelligence systems, modeling and simulation, computer data analysis, and teaching natural science and humanities using information technology.

English will be the official language of the conference, with workshops to be held in English and Russian. All papers accepted by reviewers will be published and distributed at the conference registration desk. Although the deadline for paper submissions was the end of July, extensions may be possible. For more information, visit the conference Web site at, or call Professor A. Morozevich in Minsk at (372) 172-495-106.

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.