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This free resource is designed to help college-boundstudents, their parents, and guidance professionals with information aboutcollege preparation, evaluation, selection, application and financing. Studentscan access information on more than 4,000 post-secondary institutions, as wellas details on how to effectively compile an application, how to make collegemore affordable, and how to decide among schools. Interactive tools offer studentsself-assessment and test preparation.



This site from Family Education Network provides schoolcommunities with free online resources for customizing and hosting their ownWeb sites. New features include segments designed specifically for teachers,schools, parents, students, PTA members, and community groups, as well as asearchable directory of schools nationwide. The site can also provide dailyupdated educational content to schools’ sites.



This archive contains over a thousand questions and answersconcerning scientific phenomena. Drawn from the pages of New Scientist, thearchive helps students find answers about all things scientific: plants andanimals, mysteries of the universe, inventions and machines, the physicalworld, properties of matter, and much more.

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.