Patch It Up

TruePatchhigh-performance patch cords from KRONE, Inc. have unique, patent-pendingconstruction characteristics that help to ensure the uninterrupted flow ofdata. When used in conjunction with KRONE’s TrueNet structured cabling system,the entire physical layer between the NIC and the server is guaranteed a zerobit error data transmission rate. When these patch cords are used to upgrade anexisting installation, they can improve network performance by increasing datathroughput.


Extremely robust and reliable, these cords feature ahigh-pressure, injection-molded boot that locks each cable pair into placeinside the plug. This results in an extra-strong, extremely reliabletermination. An extra-long strain relief prevents kinking at the plug head,while still maintaining the required 1” bending radius. Also featured in thepatch cords are stranded conductors that have been compacted into a near-roundshape and a layer of high-density polyethylene that bonds to the strands tolock the insulation in place and prevent the strands from separating when flexed.The TruePatch cords are very versatile, with uses ranging from point-to-pointconnection in the telecommunications closet, to the linking of a computerworkstation at an outlet. They are available in several lengths and colors. KRONE,Inc., Englewood, CO, (800)775-5766,

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.