System Links Classroom Monitors

Applied Computer Systems (ACS) hasintroduced LinkNet-II to educatorsseeking faster, more responsive instructor-student interaction in the computerlab or classroom. An interactive instruction and monitoring system, LinkNet-IIallows the instructor to demonstrate computer tasks directly on students’monitors, providing a clear view of the lesson no matter what the room size orlighting conditions happen to be. The system also allows instructors to scan student progress from ateaching console, letting them provide individual help where needed.


When help is needed, the teacher can remotely operate anystudent’s keyboard and mouse to demonstrate a skill. If a student has a problemthat is common to the entire class, a single student’s screen display can besent to all classroom monitors with a single click. This student can then testhis or her knowledge step-by-step with the instructor’s guidance while theclass watches and learns.


LinkNet-II d'es not require a LAN network, and it operateson any computer with a detachable monitor. The system includes an instructor’sconsole, instructor and student control units, as well as bus and video cables.For increased convenience, an optional touchscreen monitor or touchscreen LCDpanel can replace the instructor console’s standard monitor and mouse. Alsoavailable are audio hook-ups that allow the instructor to speak with students throughheadsets. Applied Computer Systems, Inc., Johnstown, OH, (800) 237-5465,

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.