Polaroid Corporation

SprintScan 45 Ultra digital film scanner allows users to scan a high-resolution 4” x 5” image at 2,500 dpi with a single pass in less than five minutes. This scanner accepts 35 mm slides, 6 x 6-cm and 6 x 7-cm format film and 4” x 5” positive and negative, black, white and color film formats. The SprintScan 45 Ultra produces output with a high optical density of 3.8 and captures 14-bits per channel for color reproduction.


The scanner is bundled with the latest version of the Polaroid PolaColor Insight Pro and PhotoPerfect Master software, which is Windows 2000 compatible, and offers automatic import plug-in installation, automatic scanned image export, and TWAIN functionality. The software features automatic dust and scratch removal, a split-screen interface, one-step undo capability, automatic image sizing and a set of adjustment tools. PhotoPerfect Master software complements PolaColor Insight Pro by providing high-quality color separations, color correction, adaptive image sharpening and RGB to CMYK conversion. Polaroid Corporation, Cambridge, MA, (781) 386-2000, www.polaroid.com.

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.