Explore Science Lessons for Youngsters

Brainium.com, developers of collaborative online learning environments, offers Science Brainium, a core curriculum Internet resource to engage and challenge K-8 students as they learn about science. Four interactive lessons assist students and teachers with integrating online and classroom learning. Science Brainium encourages students to be participative rather than passive, and to create rather than consume.

The core content of the program, Infomactor, explores topic areas such as physical science, earth and space science, life science and general science. Mondo Brainium lets students navigate through different subjects as they take notes and answer questions. The BugZone is an online multimedia application that teaches students about energy circuits, constellations and other scientific facts. The ‘Zine is Science Brainium’s newsroom, including links to several online articles and sites categorized by subject area. A Teacher’s Prep Room offers lesson plans, printable activity sheets and links to other relevant sites. Brainium.com, Salt Lake City, UT, (888) 272-4648, www.brainium.com.

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.