New Releases...Plug & Play Network

Impulze Computers’ new Plug & Play Network is a pre-configured network with up to 20 users and folder structures. The network is based on a peer-to-peer structure on a Windows 98 platform, using a Thinnet topology. The network cards installed are Ethernet combo-cards, and can run at 10 Mbps with the included Thinnet topology. The cards can be upgraded to run at 100 Mpbs with the proper Ethernet hubs and UTP cabling.

Impulze Computers offers their TwinPack system in conjunction with the Plug & Play Network. The TwinPack system comes pre-configured and ready to use. Thus, the system allows small businesses to implement networking at a low cost. Impulze Computers, Inc. Weston, FL, (954) 349-9907,

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.