Three Applications Let Students Explore Math

From ImagiWorks, Inc. comes ImagiMath, a suite of three mathematics applications for Palm hand-held devices. The ImagiGraph application serves as a mathematics visualizer; ImagiCalc is a full-featured calculator; and ImagiSolve is a mathematics worksheet and equation solver. The suite was designed to encourage students to investigate and understand mathematics in deeper ways through visualization and experimentation. With ImagiGraph, students can annotate their work, animate equations and collaborate in ways not possible with conventional graphing calculators. Users can plot explicit functions and parametric equations in both Cartesian and polar coordinates, and equations can be represented as graphs and tables. In addition, students can animate plots, create and annotate collections of work in workspaces, and share their workspaces through the Palm's beaming feature.

ImagiCalc lets students display values in floating point, fixed point, scientific notation, or engineering notation. It uses a complete set of basic math keys such as exponents, roots and logarithms. ImagiCalc stores data in 10 memory registers, and lets students add their own values to a pre-installed list of mathematical and scientific constants. The ImagiSolve application solves mathematical equations entered as text, and includes functions for trigonometry, logarithms and date manipulation. ImagiWorks, Inc., San Mateo, CA, (650) 373-0300,

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