Yokogawa's D-MCX

Yokogawa introduces a new XGA resolution output video presenter, the D-MCX. This visualizer incorporates a 1/3" CCD camera with 850,000 pixels that outputs an XGA resolution signal, in addition to S-video or C-video signals, directly to a large screen projector or monitor. The device can display 9-point type that can be read even from the back of a classroom. Up to four different input sources, including a computer, can be connected simultaneously to the D-MCX and switched at will by the user. All of these sources can be connected to the projector with one computer cable. The D-MCX includes a small LCD viewing monitor and freeze frame function, which makes it very easy for the user to position documents and objects on the unit and present seamlessly. The device also features a fully rotating and flexible camera head, which can be pointed in any direction, as well as an open stage, which makes it easy to move objects on and off. The video refresh rate is 15 frames per second, so there is less blurring. Yokogawa, San Diego, CA, (858) 558-2036, www.alliance-intl.com/yokogawa/index.

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