Miramar System Inc.'s PC MACLAN v7.2


At Fredonia Central we run a mixed network of Macintosh and PC computers. For the most part, this means we have to deal with a few incompatibility problems when sharing files and printers. For example, most of our printers are Macintosh, which until now had to have a JetDirect box connected to them to allow the PC computers to print to them. This meant added cost and network management (e.g., print queues had to be created). But with PC MACLAN, Mac and PC users on your network can share files, disks, printers and other resources. To make this sharing possible, PC MACLAN provides two primary types of services: file services and print services. Due to limited space I can't discuss all of the program's possibilities, so I am going to focus on file sharing.

Let's start with sharing PC files with Mac clients on your network. Select file server from the PC MACLAN folder in the start menu of your PC. A file server window will appear in which you can configure your PC to act as a server. Here you give your PC a server name, add password protection (you can allow guest access as well), create a logon message and select which files you wish to share.

Once you start the file server on your PC, any Mac user can use files from your computer via the chooser. After clicking on AppleShare, your computer's name will appear. The Mac user then double-clicks on it and enters your computer's name and password - be sure to use password protection and limit what files users have access to on your computer.

If you want to view Mac files on your PC, Mac users must turn file sharing on from the file sharing control panel. The Mac owner should set a user password and restrict rights to read only. It is best to limit access to a single folder; thus all files you wish to share can be placed in this folder. The PC user double-clicks on the network neighborhood and then the entire network. The name of the Mac with file sharing turned on should appear. Double-click on the Mac shared item and the shared item - a folder or the whole drive, if you wish - will open up.

PC MACLAN for Windows 95/98 requires a 486 CPU or higher, 16 MB of RAM, 2.5 MB of free disk space and an Ethernet adapter card. Considering the ease with which it allows Mac and PC network users to share files and printer resources, it's a must-have program. In addition to being easy to use, it is simple to install and configure.


Jacob M. Hirschfelt
Fredonia Central School District
Fredonia, NY


Contact Information
Miramar Systems Inc.
Santa Barbara, CA
(800) 862-2526

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/2001 issue of THE Journal.