eCollege Offers Free Tools, New Platform

ECollege is now offering free on-campus e-learning tools to current and prospective customers who commit to enrolling large numbers of students in their distance learning programs. This offer will let institutions use eCollege AU over the entire campus at no additional charge until fall 2002. eCollege AU is an e-learning platform that offers enhanced features, including accessibility for disabled students and faculty, exceeding Section 508 compliance. Its ClassLive feature is an integrated suite of synchronous tools, including extensive math, science and accounting capabilities, as well as graphing and equation toolbars to facilitate live problem solving. Other features of the e-learning platform include exam building, course scheduling and gradebook calculator functionalities.

The company has also announced eCollege AU+, the latest generation of its e-learning platform. eCollege AU+ is built on the customization, usability and accessibility offered through eCollege AU. It separates eCollege's traditional CampusPortal into modules that can be integrated with its teaching platform, as well as with other administrative applications. eCollege AU+ also offers new advanced feature sets, including audio archive capabilities for live sessions, as well as assignment management and tracking functionalities. eCollege, Denver, CO, (888) 376-9496,

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.