SecuriKey Release 1.2

Griffin Technologies’ SecuriKey Release 1.2 is the newest version of its token-based user authentication product for personal computers. The program features a number of key administrative functions that are now easier to execute, such as token profile changes and PC setup checks. SecuriKey is an easy to deploy security product that combines a small, keylike USB device with password protection. The system provides an effective, low-cost alternative to public key infrastructure technology, protecting institutions against unauthorized computer use. The SecuriKey system is centered around a token that attaches to any key ring. The token plugs into a computer’s USB port or external USB hub. By employing both physical (USB key) and informational (password) elements, SecuriKey offers exceptional, two-factor security protection without the expense and time-intensive rollout required with PKI systems. Griffin Technologies LLC, Lawrence, KS, (800) 986-6578,

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.