ACTIVote 2

ACTIVote 2, part of the ACTIVboard Collaborative Classroom System from Promethean Ltd. (, is a wireless handheld voting device that operates by two-way radio communication (which means no pointing necessary) with an ACTIVboard interactive whiteboard. With ACTIVstudio 2 software, which is included with the ACTIVboard, teachers can create multiple-choice, true/false and yes/no questions using either the original content, or content from other software programs and Web sites. Voting results or answers are displayed in a tabular or pie-chart format (anonymous or student-named mode) on the ACTIVboard, and recorded automatically on the teacher’s computer in the same numerical or graphic form. In addition, teachers can export the information to programs such as Microsoft Excel and Word.

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/2004 issue of THE Journal.