Kiel Area School District Named 2005 Winner of the Sylvia Charp Award for District Innovation in Technology

Washington D.C.—T.H.E. Journal, a 101communications publication, and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE®) have named the Kiel Area School District, Kiel, Wis., recipient of the second annual Sylvia Charp District Award in honor of the late Dr. Sylvia Charp. Dr. Charp was the founding Editor-in-Chief of T.H.E. Journal and was an ardent, life-long supporter of ISTE and its mission.

  • The Charp Award recognizes school districts that exhibit effectiveness and innovation in the application of technology district-wide. Criteria for the award include:
  • Consistent district effectiveness
  • Use of ISTE's National Educational Technology Standards and Essential Conditions or a local or statewide derivative of those standards
  • Effective and innovative technology implementation
  • Commitment to participate in dissemination to, and support of, other districts.

Kiel ASD has been a leader in technology over a period of years and has implemented a multifaceted and collaborative program to enrich the learning process through the use of educational technology. The district’s accomplishments include:

  • Student career portfolios, in which students showcase their best works using programs such as FrontPage and PowerPoint, have been established as a graduation requirement
  • A state-of-the-art distance learning lab with two-way audio and video capabilities provides students with opportunities to take courses that wouldnít otherwise be available
  • The K.I.E.L Charter School, an online school, provides additional and/or alternative learning opportunities for students whose educational needs may be better met outside a traditional school setting
  • Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tests are Web-based, computerized adaptive tests that measure studentsí general knowledge in reading, language usage and math
  • The development of ParentConnect, a Web-based communication tool that allows parents to keep track of their childís academic progress, schedule and attendance online.

“Although we are a small, rural, conservative school district in northeastern Wisconsin, we are on the cutting edge of technology,” says Sue Steiner, the program director, Kiel eSchool and former district technology coordinator who will be accepting the Charp Award for her district at the upcoming National Educational Computing Conference in Philadelphia, June 27–30. “The Kiel Area School District has taken the approach that our students must have the best opportunities available, and we are very honored to receive this award and to be recognized for our efforts.”

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