Cisco Provides IP Video Distribution Solution to Mississippi DoE

The Mississippi Departmentof Education will installCisco Systems’ Content DeliveryNetworking (CDN) solution tosupport the IP video distributionfor its Project StreamInitiative. The initiative will give800 K-12 schools instant accessto high-bandwidth video, multimedia,and learning supportmaterials from any classroomwithin the state. As a result, theDepartment of Education willbe able to create, manage, store,and distribute video materials toevery district in Mississippi.A second phase of theprogram, now underway,involves pushing content out todistrict offices to provide schooladministrators with consistentinformation and conferencesessions regarding national andstate-mandated accountabilityprograms such as the No ChildLeft Behind Act. This will provideteachers with professional developmentopportunities whilegiving students curriculum toolsfor remediation initiativesaround the high school subjectarea examinations. Both phasesof the implementation areexpected to be completed by theend of this month.

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/2005 issue of THE Journal.