T.H.E. Institute and AOL @ SCHOOL Launch New Online Course for Educators

October 13, 2005. Tustin, CA--T.H.E. Institute and [email protected] announced the release of “Internet Literacy – Making the Most of the Web,” an online course for educators interested in using the World Wide Web in teaching and learning. This six-hour tutorial for elementary and secondary school teachers provides tools for educators to integrate technology into their curricula to improve student achievement and meet requirements of the No Child Left Behind legislation.

“Internet Literacy – Making the Most of the Web” is designed to be useful both for educators new to using technology in teaching and learning and for tech-savvy veterans. Participants learn how to use the Web in the classroom, the differences among various search engines, how to detect plagiarism from the Web, and what tools to use to counter-act plagiarism. The course also provides specific approaches for integrating lesson plans from the Web and developing specific activities that can be used immediately with students. Activities include working with the newest communication tools such as blogs and Wikis, as well as tried and true tools such as e-mail and instant messaging.

“We are excited about working with [email protected] to create this course for educators,” said Geoff Fletcher, Executive Director of T.H.E. Institute. “The combination of background information coupled with activities that can be used with students in the classroom tomorrow provides a powerful set of learning opportunities for educators.”

[email protected] and T.H.E. Institute are underwriting 300 scholarships for New Leaders for New Schools, a national, nonprofit organization that trains educators to become urban school district principals.

“Our goal is to create a core user group of teachers and principals throughout the country who are able to use the Internet throughout the teaching and learning process to provide models of effective use of technology in education,” said Fletcher.

“The Internet is a powerful resource that we believe will enhance the learning process,” said Mark Stevens, America Online KOL Education Director and General Manager, [email protected] “We are proud to work with T.H.E. Institute to create this valuable course for educators, and we are especially pleased to offer 300 educators the opportunity to take the new Internet Literacy course free of charge. Information in this course will help teachers everywhere learn to use the Web effectively.”

“We are thrilled to partner with AOL and T.H.E.Institute to give principals the important tools they need to foster high quality teaching throughout their buildings,” said Jacquelyn Davis, the Executive Director of the DC Program of New Leaders for New Schools.

For more information on “Internet Literacy – Making the Most of the Web,” as well as the other online education courses from T.H.E. Institute, go to www.thejournal.com/institute. For information about America Online school program go to www.aolatschool.com.

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