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FOR K-12 SCHOOLS. Dell Intelligent Classrooms—computers, technology devices, content, and professional development designed to transform classrooms into integrated teaching and learning environments— are now available in two curriculumspecific modules.

The math and science module combines software from Fourier Systems sensors and data loggers with Dell computers, handhelds, and student response systems. These tools enhance school experiments in math, chemistry, biology, physics, and environmental sciences.

The English, foreign languages, and social sciences module includes netTrekker d.i. online educational resources; Questia digital teaching and study tools; and Dell computers, digital music players, and projectors. The technology enables visual and auditory learning of languages and cultures.

Dell also offers cross-curricular Intelligent Classrooms that aim to enhance learning in any subject.


Discovery Education has acquired ThinkLink Learning, a for-profit company established in 2000 by Vanderbilt University (TN) that focuses on formative assessment. ThinkLink Learning’s Predictive Assessment Series measures student progress in meeting state standards in core subjects, allowing teachers to predict Adequate Yearly Progress toward statemandatededucation goals.

Trade In, Trade Up

A new program from NEC offers schools a chance to replace theirold projectors with newer ones.

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A GOOD DEAL. Trade in your old projector
for cash—thentrade up to a more modern system.

School budgets are legendary for being, shall we say, size challenged. After purchasing textbooks, funding necessary programs, and keeping up with the demands of No Child Left Behind, schools don’t have a lot left to devote to keeping their AV equipment up to date, let alone shiny and new. Instead, they often rely on equipmenton the verge of collapse—or going up in smoke.

NEC Solutions America has begun a trade-in program that aims to help schools replace their aging projectors and modernize their classrooms. The PowerUp program, announced last month, offers cash for used projectors from any manufacturer, providingschools with a fund for purchasing new projectors.

To participate in the PowerUp program, visit to receive a free quote for your existing projectors, based on manufacturer, model, and the number of projectors you wish to trade in. Afterward, you will receive a check in the mail, as well as a preaddressed shipping label you can use to send in yourold projectors.

To sweeten the deal, NEC is also offering $100, or the fair market value, for any projector made by Epson, Hitachi, InFocus, Mitsubishi, or NEC that is traded, in working order, by Sept. 30, 2006. More information is available at

This article originally appeared in the 05/01/2006 issue of THE Journal.