Erie School District Awarded $15 Million from GE College Bound District program


A $15 million grant has been awarded to the School District of the City of Erie from the GE College Bound District program. The five-year grant is designed to improve student achievement in math, science, and technology and increase students' college readiness.

"The GE Foundation's $15 million vote of confidence in the students, teachers, administrators, and board will enable the Erie School District to accelerate its efforts of building a world-class learning opportunity for all students," said James E. Barker, School District of Erie superintendent. "This significant event in Pennsylvania's educational history will break the sound barrier of accomplishments in math, science, and technology for the students and families of Erie."

According to GE, school district employees and GE leaders "outlined a detailed five-year enhancement plan with means of measuring progress and success." The grant outline matches the districts overall plans and goals.

Teachers will have an opportunity to work on their technological skills and content knowledge as well as "collaborate with other educators to elevate the quality of instruction," according to GE.

The GE College Bound District program is designed to award $100 million to targeted school districts in the United States.

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