Kaplan Selling SAT Prep on iTunes


Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions, a division of Kaplan (New York), has put three interactive SAT prep programs on Apple's iTunes service.

Using fifth-generation iPods, students can download the programs for $4.99 to practice for college entrance exams. The iPod programs cover the exam's three graded sections, critical reading, mathematics and writing, and provide students detailed analysis of their completed quizzes, and tools for tracking their score progress.

Students also have the option to take the quizzes timed or untimed, with or without music, and can see their quiz score progress through graphically dynamic charts and graphs which identify their key areas of success and weakness.

The three programs on iTunes are:

  • Kaplan SAT Prep Reading, which quizzes students in sentence completion, short reading comprehension and long reading comprehension. (Students regularly cite the critical reading section as the most challenging section.)
  • Kaplan SAT Prep Mathematics, which tests students on algebra, geometry, arithmetic, word problems and other types of math questions.
  • Kaplan SAT Prep Writing, which tests students on the newest section of the SAT (the section on which students scored lowest in 2006) in order to refine their writing skills. The download features activities for improving paragraphs and sentences, and for identifying sentence errors.

The learning material maker's goal is to adapt its offerings to student lifestyles, said Mark Ward, president of pre-college programs for Kaplan. "Students don't go anywhere without their iPods and Kaplan has always sought to make test prep as convenient as possible for our students so it's a natural fit to offer test prep on iTunes," he added in a prepared statement.

Each download also explains the exam structure, provides expert SAT strategies, and includes tips and information about the college admissions process.

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David Kopf is a freelance technology writer and marketing consultant, and can be reached at [email protected].