Public School District Delivering Video On Demand


To provide a digital video collection accessible by all its 68 schools, Loudoun County Public Schools (Ashburn, VA) has purchased Wynnewood, PA-based Library Video Company's Safari Montage WAN Manager, a video on demand (VOD) digital media management system.

Servers have been installed in each of LCPS's 44 elementary, 11 middle, 1 intermediate, and 10 high schools, which will integrate video and district-created visual resources into daily curriculum initiatives, such as History Alive, for its more than 50,0000 students, according to its Director Preston Coppels.

"The integration of technology and curriculum in the classroom is a primary focus of our Instructional Technology Department,” he said in a prepared statement. "We have seen our teachers quickly adopt the SAFARI Montage VOD system and are pleased with how well it integrates with other district technology initiatives such as electronic whiteboards.”

LCPS also purchased CreationStation, a software tool to add locally created video content and licensed programming to the Safari Montage system, as well as to metatag and manage that content. This lets the district upload and distribute digital content to all schools, to help support additional critical initiatives such as professional development.

Other districts deploying VOD via Safari Montage include Baltimore County Public Schools, Chicago Public Schools, Bucks County Schools IU (PA), Plano ISD (TX) and Forsyth County Schools (GA).

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