T.H.E. SmartClassroom :: October 25, 2007


Can Game Development Impact Academic Achievement?

Electronic gaming has recently been hailed as the great new potential for transforming education. A growing body of research and practice suggests videogames can motivate as well as teach and help users learn. Fewer scientific studies, but just as much potential, exist within the area of student game development. In part 1 of this two-part article series, we look at the foundational reasons for why game development matters in the K-12 curriculum, both inside and outside of school...

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Ed Tech News

Site Combines Reading Comprehension with Science Education

Earlier this month Pearson launched two new learning tools for K-12: an update to the company's WriteToLearn reading comprehension software and an enhanced version of its Scott Foresman's Science 2008 textbook series, which now integrates Web-based reading comprehension and writing instruction via Pearson's Summary Street....

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Angel Adopts IMS Common Cartridge in LMS

Angel Learning this week announced new support for the IMS Global Learning Consortium's Common Cartridge standard in its learning management system, Angel LMS. The standard, developed through IMS GLC's Common Cartridge Alliance, is an open standard for content sharing. Angel last year contributed intellectual property for its development....

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Wimba Voice 5.2 Expands Audio Collaboration Capabilities

Education technology developer Wimba has released Wimba Voice 5.2, an update to the company's audio module for its Collaboration Suite, which also includes Wimba Classroom, Wimba Create, and Wimba Pronto. The new version expands the tool's functionality and end-user features and enhances some existing features....

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3 Districts Deploy Differentiated Math Tutoring System

Three large school districts in the United States this semester have deployed Apangea Learning's SmartHelp as a part of their math intervention and remediation programs: District of Columbia Public Schools (Washington, DC), Atlanta Public Schools, and Chicago Public Schools....

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Speak Up 2007: Call for Participation Extends to Administrators

Project Tomorrow's annual Speak Up survey opened Oct. 15 with an expanded call for participation, inviting school and district administrators to share their views on technology and science education and how they can be leveraged to "provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the digital economy." The 2007 survey is also open, as usual, to K-12 students, parents, and teachers....

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