MoveOn, Facebook Partner To Reach Young Voters

##AUTHORSPLIT##<--->, the liberal political action organization, is getting into the Web 2.0 tools business with the launch of a couple of online services. The League of Young Voters worked with MoveOn to create the League of Young Voters Primary, a Facebook application to encourage young people to share their political preferences and comment on the latest information about the candidates.

The idea of the Primary, according to Micah L. Sifry, a writer for Personal Democracy Forum, is to launch a "virtual presidential primary in every school and college in America," to demonstrate that young people are engaged politically.

The second application from MoveOn is called VotePoke, which allows the user to find out if he or she is registered to vote.

According to coverage in Wired, MoveOn plans to launch additional applications in the future, in the form of a " Congress Blog phone call widget," a service that allows users to set up online petitions about local issues and another to help them find like minds to connect with for local political activism.

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