Collaboration 2.0 :: March 19, 2008

Welcome to Collaboration 2.0, the newsletter for Web 2.0 and collaborative technologies in education. Here you'll find news on new Web technologies; tips from professionals on planning, deploying, and using collaborative tools; and trends and analyses of issues in which online technologies impact education. If you have any questions or tips you'd like to pass along, please contact David Nagel, executive editor, at [email protected].


A Taste of Web 2.0

In the initial launch of Collaboration 2.0, Dave Nagel (2008) reported that during 2008 educators can look for "a continued trend toward more and more hosted, mashed-up, collaborative tools in education, from assessment platforms to collaborative learning tools (such as blogs and wikis) to online delivery of audio and video to full-blown productivity tools, such as Google Apps for Education and others." Everything on the Web sounds good....

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Know How

Podcasting Basics: Simple Steps for Introducing Podcasting into Your K-8 Class, Part 2

In the first segment in this two-part series, teacher and consultant Brad Pearl explained what kinds of hardware and software you'll need to introduce podcasting into your classroom. He also shared advice for selecting a first project and getting students involved in the work of recording podcast segments....

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IBM Addresses Web 2.0 Security Concerns With 'SMash'

IBM announced new technology to secure "mashups," Web applications that pull information from multiple sources, such as Web sites, enterprise databases, or e-mails, to create one unified view. Mashups allow users to gain insight on complex situations but, as with all Web-based initiatives, security has been a concern....

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Desire2Learn Releases New LMS, Repository, ePortfolio

Desire2Learn has released new versions of its Learning Environment and Learning Repository software, as well as its new ePortfolio product. The announcement comes on the heels of two legal setbacks in Desire2Learn's patent infringement case with Blackboard....

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Wimba Unveils New Collaborative Messaging Tool

At the inaugural Wimba Connect 2008 user conference Tuesday, Wimba unveiled its new Wimba Pronto, a collaborative instant messaging tool geared specifically toward education....

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Academy Pushes Out Mobile Poetry

The next time a student is asked to stand and recite a poem to the class for National Poetry Month in April, will he or she get credit for whipping out an iPhone and reading a little something off That may be the question teachers ask now that the official Web site of the Academy of American Poets has made its collection of 2,500 poems and audio clips of 150 poems freely available for most mobile devices....

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Idaho and Minnesota High Schools Go Virtual

Insight Schools, a company with a network of free, diploma-granting, online public high schools, recently announced virtual campuses for students in Minnesota and Idaho, which will open for the 2008-2009 school year. The service is free for the participants....

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