Pearson Unveils Assessment, Curriculum Tools at NECC


Pearson has launched two new products at NECC this week--End of Course Array and SuccessMaker--that provide content aligned with state standards, helping teachers meet core curriculum objectives and assess student achievement.

Pearson's End of Course (EOC) Array, now available for five states--Arkansas, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia--is an assessment tool that allows teachers to track high school student performance in specific courses. The item banks deliver content for both math and science that is aligned with each state's standards, providing material that is relevant to individual course objectives.

"Research shows that students who are held accountable through end-of-course testing not only have improved test scores, but place one-half of a grade level ahead in math and science," said Deloris Flint, director of Pearson's Educational Assessment group, in a prepared statement. "Using EOC Array, teachers generate the data necessary to truly drive instruction and maximize student learning, ultimately leading to greater success on their state's respective end-of-course exams."

Features in the EOC Array include both online and print-on-demand assessments, with immediate scoring for online tests and scanner compatibility for printed exams; flexible item banks for each course, with test creation possible at the district, school, and classroom levels; and integration with iRespond wireless devices.

Pearson's SuccessMaker, also unveiled at NECC this week, is an animated digital curriculum supplement geared toward elementary students, with content in both reading and math. According to the company, the platform can support students with a range of needs, providing content that is suited for each individual child.

"Today's young learners were born into a world where digital resources have always been at their fingertips, and it has changed the way they think, learn, play and socialize," said Karl Gustafson, Pearson senior vice president, in a prepared statement. "We developed this ground-breaking new digital curriculum solution so schools can offer students an instructional environment that accommodates their 21st century learning styles and helps every child be a successful learner."

According to the company, all content within the program is aligned with state standards, providing lessons that match learning objectives in the core curriculum. The program's reading curriculum includes phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and text comprehension, while the math curriculum includes practice tutorials and assessments based on current best practices from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

The platform also includes reporting and progress-monitoring tools, a user-friendly visual dashboard, and tracking features at the student, school, and district levels.

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Chris Riedel is a freelance writer based in Illinois. He can be reached here.