SaaS Asset Management System Adds Simple Audit, IP Device Discovery

##AUTHORSPLIT##<---> has announced updates to its ITAMDirect asset management solution aimed at helping schools accurately inventory their technology assets.

According to the announcement, enhancements to the platform include a "simple audit" function, allowing school IT staff to "discover" all technology assets on the network within 24-hours. The ability to discover IP-enabled devices is also new to the current version and lets districts track a variety of additional resources including printers, routers, switches, IP phones, and networked video cameras, as well as desktop and laptop computers.

"ITAMDirect's enhanced functionality can help schools meet the challenge of 'too much stuff and not enough staff' that results when districts quickly acquire new hardware and software without the additional budget to adequately support it," said Co-Founder and President Lee Prevost, in a prepared statement. "'s software as a service (SaaS) model provides a cost-effective way for schools to manage their IT operations efficiently, without adding additional staff."

According to SchoolDude, ITAMDirect collects MAC and IP addresses--as well as device names for compatible machines--and can be deployed in both Mac and PC environments.

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