Bee-line Launches VoIP-based Mass Communication System


Bee-line Communications has recently made its Bee Interactive VoIP mass communication platform available to school administrators. The system is designed to help streamline districts' phone-based communications.

According to the company, Bee Interactive can connect school and district officials with large groups--up to a thousand or more--through a single phone call. Recipients first hear a recording, inviting them to stay on the line for the live session. During the call, listeners can participate by asking or responding to questions through use of the telephone keypad. According to Bee-line, no specialized IT infrastructure is required to implement the platform.

"Bee Interactive calls a targeted list of parents or school officials--hundreds, even thousands of them--all at the same time and routes the calls over the Internet," said Stacey McClenathan, principal, Bee-line Communications, in a prepared statement. "This engaging technology proves to have a great call acceptance rate in applications for school. The technology is interactive and brings a level of transparency to school governance that parents and administrators crave."

Uses for the platform include broadcasting board meetings, community outreach, polling, and emergency notifications, among others. Currently, the company's school communications division represents more than 350 schools throughout the United States.

About the Author

Chris Riedel is a freelance writer based in Illinois. He can be reached here.