Smart Introduces New Whiteboard Appliance To Enhance Collaboration

Smart Technologies has announced the release of the Smart Hub VE220 digital whiteboarding system. The new appliance works in a meeting environment, even in venues without a dedicated PC, to allow sharing of digital materials, digital notetaking and diagram drawing, communal brainstorming, and saving work for easy-access reference. The announcement came at last week's National Education Computing Conference (NECC) in Washington, DC.

With a one-touch capability to launch the interactive whiteboard, meeting participants can easily share ideas, including visualizations, and permanently store everything that appears onscreen without anyone transcribing a single note or wasting a single sheet of paper. And with an easy-to-use on-screen menu bar that can display in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian, even those with no interactive whiteboarding experience can participate fully in the discussion and in recording important concepts.

Features of the Smart Hub VE220 include:

  • Single-touch activation;
  • Easy connection to laptops;
  • Quick and easy direct storage to USB drives, even without a laptop connected;
  • Integration with other Smart technology, including whiteboards and software;
  • Upgrade to more advanced Smart technologies with hassle-free firmware downloads; and
  • Virtually no maintenance required.

The VE220 is available now through authorized resellers at an MSRP of US$1,199.00. Details about specs, accessories, compatibility, dealers and pricing available here.

About the Author

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