Curriculum Advantage Adds Supplementary Improvement Materials to Software

Instructional software maker Curriculum Advantage has announced the addition of Response to Intervention (RTI) "bundles" to the materials available to help K-12 students in reading and math.

The RTI bundles are available for Math Facts, Reading, Vocabulary, and Spelling, and all contain a variety of activities teachers can use to engage students as they learn. The activities can be used for practice and review by students achieving at grade level (Tier I), for improvement and advancement for those working toward grade level (Tiers II and III), and for individualized education plans for students that require it (Tier IV).

The goal, said a spokesperson for Curriculum Advantage, maker of Classworks, is to "provide students with the intensive instruction they need to develop automaticity in foundation skills, so they can devote their cognitive effort to higher-order thinking skills."

Like the parent software, the bundles offer versatility that addresses the multiple facets of instruction. They allow teachers to choose among activities based upon the needs of individual students, including focus on a strand, or particular skills or objectives.

Further information can be found here.

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