Maplesoft Releases Blackboard Vista-Compatible Maple T.A. 5.0

Maplesoft has released Maple T.A. 5.0, a new Blackboard Vista-compatible version of its math assessment tool.

Maplesoft T.A. is a Web-based tool designed for online math assessments. It provides a platform for creating, administering, and grading exams in science, math, and engineering using the Maple mathematics engine. It supports free-response questions, the use of 2D and 3D plots (contour plots, vector fields, and others), and algorithmic questions. It also provides authentication and analyses of results.

The new release, version 5.0, has implemented a new system administration interface for simplified system setup, access to Maple 13, and an updated assignment editor.

A new question management module has also been added to the 5.0 release. It's designed to speed the saving and loading of questions and enable content sharing, which allows instructors to recycle questions and assemble assignments more effectively than was possible in previous versions.

Further information can be found here.

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