Spokane School District Upgrades to Web-Based Student Information System

Spokane School District 81, Washington, has chosen a new student information system to give students and parents greater access to attendance data, assignments, and grades. With 35 elementary schools, six middle schools, six high schools, and four special schools, the district plans to implement their replacement for the SASI system district-wide by 2010.

The newly chosen system, Pearson's PowerSchool Premier, is Web-based and can be viewed on a browser, allowing parents and students to access real-time records from their home computers.

Other features include:

  • One location for stored data;
  • The ability to generate grade checks, transcripts, report cards, and attendance records; and
  • Web-based grade books that allow teachers to enter grades only once.

Spokane School District acquired its student information system through Pearson's SASI Customer First program, which provides free PowerSchool Premier licenses to SASI customers.

Further information is available here.

About the Author

Dan Thompson is a freelance writer based in Brea, CA. He can be reached here.