Charlotte County Public Schools To Track Buses and Passengers via GPS

Charlotte County Public Schools (CCPS) in Port Charlotte, FL last week said it will deploy UHF radio-based GPS hardware and software to manage its school bus fleet, track buses and driving behavior, and keep tabs on student passengers.

According to Everyday Solutions, the provider of the GPS systems, 132 buses will be equipped with EveryPoint UHF radio-based hardware and an emergency button that, when pressed, gives the precise location of the bus directly to school officials by text message and e-mail.

"Accurate GPS information will enable us to run more efficiently and keep our drivers and student riders safe" said Richard Duckworth, transportation director at CCPS, in a prepared statement.

Features of the solution include an RFID reader that tracks rider attendance and allows students to enter the bus while leaving their RIFD cards in their back packs and real time data that tracks excessive engine idling and vehicle speed, bus direction, ignition switch position, red flasher use, amber flasher use, and the position of the stop arm emergency door.

The solution is available in UHF radio or cellular format. Further information is available here.

Charlotte County Public Schools serves more than 17,000 students in 10 elementary schools, four middle schools, and three high schools, as well as five education centers and one charter high school.

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