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Pulse Smartpen by Livescribe

Pulse Smartpen
by Livescribe

LIVESCRIBE introduces the Pulse Smartpen, a technological twist on a pen-and-paper solution aimed at helping students receive, review, and retain classroom lessons. The pen is equipped with built-in audio and video capture technology that records and syncs audio with anything users write on Livescribe Dot Paper. Users can then tap directly on words or drawings with the pen for on-demand replay of the audio that coincides with the notes. Included with the purchase of a Pulse Smartpen are software and web services that allow users to post, store, and share notes and lectures, as well as customize and manage the pen and its applications. Price: $149.95 (1 GB of storage) or $199.95 (2 GB).


Elite UB-T781 Panaboard by Panasonic

Elite UB-T781 Panaboard
by Panasonic

PANASONIC's Elite UB-T781 Panaboard is part of the company's next generation of electronic whiteboards that display the contents of a computer screen and allow users to operate a number of different software applications. New features include an integrated stereo sound system, advanced text and graphics capabilities, and an automatic screen-capture utility that includes audio commentary. The UB-T781 has a 77-inch, anti-reflective screen with a hard surface that's resistant to scratch and shock. The device also comes with an electronic pen that has been ergonomically optimized for comfort and smooth, mouse-like operation on the board. Price: $2,695.


DC265 by Lumens

by Lumens

LUMENS has released the DC265, a visual presenter designed for use in K-12 schools. The portable presenter has all the power of a desktop model, with 6x optical zoom and UXGA resolution for clear images and crisp text. Highlights include one-touch video and audio recording with a built-in microphone for easy capture of lessons and demonstrations, and one-button slide show capabilities without the need for an external PC. In addition, the DC265 boasts internal storage of up to 240 images, as well as external storage via an SDHC slot; a 512 MB SD card is included with the device. Price: $999.


This article originally appeared in the 09/01/2009 issue of THE Journal.