Chief Ships Mini Series Projector Mounts

Chief Manufacturing is shipping two models of the company's mini mounts, which are half the size of the original RPA series mounts and, said Chief, easy to install. The Mini RPA Elite (RSMA) is a miniature version of the RPA Elite (RPM) projector mount and it is designed for today's smaller projectors. The mini mount features a newly designed universal projector interface bracket with easier access to lamps and filters.

The new mini mount retains the same features as the original RPM, including micro-adjustments for precise registration, Centris fingertip positioning, and Q-Lock keyed locking. Chief said the Mini RPA Elite maintains registration when disconnected and won't affect presets, has integrated cable management, and supports up to 25 lbs.

There is also a new mini version of the RPA Series. The Mini RPA projector mount uses Chief's new universal interface bracket, and boasts independent roll, pitch and yaw, and quick connect/disconnect. This mount, too, supports projectors up to 25 lbs. It can be mounted flush to the ceiling.

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