Texas District Turns to Web To Lower Dropout Rates

San Antonio Independent School District in Texas has implemented a Web-based program to lower the rate of students dropping from its high schools.

The program, Learning Plans on Demand, assesses k-12 students' knowledge of course prerequisites in math, language arts, science, and reading to allow teachers to give individualized help to students who are falling behind.

"Learning Plans on Demand will help us catch the students who are hanging on the edge, those who are suspended or have missed so much school that they need intensive instruction to catch up," said Betty Burks, deputy superintendent for San Antonio ISD, in a prepared statement.

The Program will also provide district teachers with intervention reporting, curriculum gap analysis, tutorials, and practice activities in both English and Spanish.

San Antonio Independent School District serves 55,000 students and is one of the 10 largest districts in Texas with 11 high schools, 14 middle schools, 58 elementary schools, four early childhood education centers, and four special campuses.

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Dan Thompson is a freelance writer based in Brea, CA. He can be reached here.