LifeSize Debuts Series 200 Telepresence Systems

LifeSize announced a new series of high definition telepresence systems, the LifeSize 220 Series.

LifeSize said the 220 series supports both 1080p/30 video and 720p/60 video for better motion handling. Standard to the line are dual-display support, integrated content sharing, and LifeSize Adaptive Motion Control. The Adaptive Motion Control allows for auto-negotiating in real time to ensure motion handling at 30 or 60 frames per second.

LifeSize 220 Series products include:

  • LifeSize Express 220 HD communications with 1080p/30 and 720p/60 video and dual display video and content in high definition;
  • LifeSize Team 220 midrange HD and multipoint conferencing for up to four sites simultaneously; and
  • LifeSize Room 220 HD video communications with eight-way embedded multipoint control unit.

The LifeSize 220 series products will ship in the fourth quarter. LifeSize Express 220 with Camera 200 and MicPod is priced at $6,999. LifeSize Team 220 with Camera 200 and dual MicPods will sell for $11,999. And the LifeSize Room 220 with Camera 200 and Phone is priced at $16,999.

About the Author

Denise Harrison is a freelance writer and editor specializing in technology, specifically in audiovisual and presentation. She also works as a consultant for Second Life projects and is involved with nonprofits and education within the 3D realm. She can be reached here.