FLVS, Giunti To Develop New LCMS

Florida Virtual School (FLVS) and Giunti Labs have partnered to develop a new learning content management system (LCMS).

The goal, according to the companies, is to create a system that will allow FLVS to repackage current course content in order to make it both more malleable for individualized learning plans and more flexible in terms of delivery, via a common virtual school setting, mobile devices, or the learning management system supported by the individual's school. In addition, the new system will offer a content database that teachers can search in order to match the most effective content to each student's needs, further personalizing the learning experience and allowing each student to maximize the benefit of his or her online education.

A spokesperson for FLVS emphasized the value of the unique learning experience the new system can offer each student. "This is what each student truly deserves and needs," she said, "in order to be prepared for a world of increased global competitiveness."

Since launching its educational research effort in 2000, Giunti Labs has developed a number of content production and management solutions. The company has specialized in advances using Reusable Content Objects, XML templating, and IMS and SCORM Interoperability Standards. FLVS, in addition to the more than 150,000 course credits the organization delivered in the 2008-2009 school year, has provided either full courses or course content to programs in several other states in the United States and to programs in foreign countries.

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