ProProfs Launches Free Game Site Aimed at Mental Stimulation

ProProfs, a service featuring a variety of free, ad-supported educational tools and resources, has announced the launch of Brain Games, a free site featuring thousands of games and activities designed to give the brain a workout.

Brain Games offers games in all of the standard educational gaming categories, including:

  • Puzzles: jigsaws, seek-and-find, mazes, numeric, geometric, and even a virtual Rubik's Cube;
  • Logic and Reasoning: chess, checkers, solitaire, visual logic, spatial logic, mathematical reasoning, conquest strategy, etc.;
  • Word Games: searches, scrambles, ladders, crosswords, crosstiks, hangman, etc.; and
  • Brain Fitness: trivia, memory games, pattern repetition, mathematical computation, visual accuracy, etc.;
  • Daily Games: games in all categories, with a new edition of each one launched every 24 hours; and many more.

Registered users can also create their own word search, crossword, and jigsaw puzzle games for others to use.

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