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Luidia Partners with Britannica To Bring Content to Interactive Whiteboards

Luidia announced this week that it has partnered with Britannica to provide Britannica's encyclopedia content on its eBeam Edge for Education interactive whiteboard systems.

The systems will be integrated with the 2011 Encyclopedia Britannica ultimate Reference Suite DVD, which includes three age-appropriate encyclopedias and contains 31,000 images, videos, and audio files.

Specific content will include Britannica biographies of world leaders, Britannica Brainstormer, Britannica Book of the Year, a world atlas, Merriam-Webster student and collegiate dictionaries, Spanish-English translation dictionary, and thesauruses.

Britannica content will be accessible from Luidia's Scrapbook, a multimedia organizer that is included in eBeam Interact software.

eBeam Edge for Education is a mobile interactive white board system designed to work with a laptop computer, projector, stylus, and receiver. Luidia's Scrapbook program was traditionally bundled with eBeam products but is now available separately.

The integrated Britannica DVD Suite will be available in April. Those who purchase an eBeam for Education system before then will be able to receive the suite when it is released. Free three-month trials of Britannica online will be included in the package.

Further Information is available here.

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