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Califone Upgrades Wireless Classroom Audio System

Califone has updated its Infrared Classroom Audio System, expanding wireless mic features and adding in capabilities for school-wide announcements.

The audio system, designed to distribute sound evenly throughout the classroom space, uses overhead sensors to amplify the signal from an included wireless teacher and student microphone and directional array speakers for optimal sound projection.

In addition to an option for two or four ceiling speakers, the new upgrade provides a port and volume control for school-wide announcements, teleconferencing features, and a second wireless channel for the student microphone.

The Infrared Classroom Audio System, demonstrated last week at the InfoComm 2010 conference in Las Vegas (and to be demonstrated at booth 1189 at ISTE 2010 in Denver), is priced at $890 with two CS308 ceiling speakers or $1,040 with four.

More information can be found here.

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