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Adaptive Curriculum Brings Hands on Learning to Online Science

Adaptive Curriculum has released a new science curriculum aimed at providing a deeper understanding of science and math to middle and high school students. Built on a library of interactive activity objects, the online program eschews rote learning by engaging students in hands-on learning assignments.

Accessed by Web browser with individual student and teacher login, the curriculum features an array of activities which first explain scientific or mathematical concepts and then require students to complete interactive tasks and a five question assessment based on the topic. Examples of topics covered by the over 400 activity objects include photosynthesis, symbiosis, and breakdown of three dimensional views to their two dimensional components, among others.

Lesson plans are created by selecting a series of activities from the library, which are categorized by state standards or grade level (middle or high school), and assigning them to individual or classes of students. In addition to lesson plan assignment, teachers can manage and add students from their account and track student performance with reports that display the percentile score calculated from correct answers by individual or as a class average, as well as the specific answers given by each student.

Adaptive Curriculum's new science curriculum debuted publicly at the ISTE 2010 conference in Denver, CO in June. Further information about the product can be found here.

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