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NH District Implements Comprehensive Digital Assessment Software

Sanborn Regional School District (SAU#17) of Kingston, NH has implemented Global Scholar's Pinnacle Suite in an effort provide its educators with comprehensive assessment tools that will help them make better, more effective decision regarding instruction.

SAU#17 began implementing the Pinnacle Grade gradebook application and the Pinnacle Instruction curriculum and assessment management system in June, training faculty to use the software and provide peer support. The district indicated it plans to provide professional development to all of its educators over the coming year.

"Our school board has set a goal for SAU #17 to become a top 10 percent performing school district--a goal based not just on achievement, but a number of indicators we have identified to measure success, including test scores, enrichment activities and the types of classes we offer at each school," said Brian Stack, principal of Sanborn Regional High School. "We realized, in order to meet these goals, we needed to do a better job of standards-based grading. This led us to look at the Pinnacle Suite."

Pinnacle Instruction offers standards-based assessments and extensive data designed to let teachers to make informed and effective decisions regarding individualized instruction, e.g., if a student needs special attention in a particular component of a subject, or if a student has clearly exceeded grade-level expectations and is ready to move forward. The software also offers a library of online resources to augment its use for optimal impact. Pinnacle Grade aims to ease the burden on teachers of collecting, organizing, and, most notably, applying grading data to progress reporting and tracking, as well as to instruction-related decision making.

In addition, the complete Pinnacle Suite includes:

  • Comprehensive student information system;
  • Performance-based scheduler;
  • Supplemental education services and tutoring; and
  • Professional development programming.

Detailed explanations of the uses and benefits of all components of the software can be found here.

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