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OWI Unveils Amplified Classroom Speaker with Flexible Power Consumption

OWI's AMP-1SGRN can run on either 25 watts or 50 watts, depending on needs.

OWI, a company that produces weatherized and weatherproof speakers, has debuted an energy-efficient amplified speaker for use in schools.

The amplified speaker, AMP-1SGRN, offers flexible power consumption, running on 25 watts or 50 watts when needed. The device is Energy Star compliant with an operating efficiency of 87 percent, according to OWI.

Features include priority audio override for emergency paging and a self testing feature, run once an hour, that produces a flashing red light when the amplified speaker is in need of service.

The device also features a sleep mode that it enters after 15 minutes of non use.

Further information is available here.

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