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Shmoop Launches Catalog of Snarky Education Apps for iPad, Android

In its never-ending effort to take both academia and modern technology down a peg, Shmoop, publisher of irreverent study aids for several academic subjects, has launched a catalog of 500 self-assessment applications for Android smart phones, as well as more than 500 e-books for use with the Apple iPad.

Since its launch in 2008, Shmoop has built an online library of boil-it-down study guides, augmented with music and pop culture subreferences, for commonly used but usually long and somewhat dry educational tools such as classic novels (literature), major world and national events and people (history), and laws and procedures (government), as well as more extensive and specific study aids for advanced placement and college entrance exams.

With its new mobile apps, Shmoop is aiming to give students easy, anytime access to its informative-yet-irreverent compilations of facts, concepts, and analysis. "Shmoop is a mobile Yente," said a spokesperson for the company. "We'll use students' crushes on their mobile devices as a way to help them find real love for literature, poetry, history, and the world around them."

The Android apps are available at Android Market (exclusively on the Android device) by searching on the keyword "Shmoop." The eBooks are available by accessing the Apple iBookstore on the iPad, also using search keyword "Shmoop."

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