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InFormative Assessment Gains Automatic Assignments, Teacher Training Videos

Acuity InFormative Assessment Solution has received several upgrades to give users more data-driven utility and allow the software to assign targeted tools and exercises based directly on assessment results. Published by CTB/McGraw-Hill, Acuity offers predictive, diagnostic, and custom assessments in math and English/language arts.

The most notable upgrade is a new "auto-assign" feature, which allows the software, upon completion of a preliminary assessment, to automatically guide each student to the instructional resources they will need, in terms of specific instruction and exercises with which to practice as they learn, in order to realize significant improvement.

Additional enhancements include: online professional development videos to help educators use the tasks, tools, and extensive data offered by Acuity; a self-service roster to allow administrators easy access and use to add and delete student records and make a full range of possible changes with regards to each class, student, and custom grouping for optimal impact of the software's data and reports.

Finally, the software now offers a more flexible custom test builder featuring a save-as-draft feature, mouse-over passage preview, and the ability to select multiple standards and sub-standards, skill groups, genres, and subgenres for use in an assessment.

"Acuity is a tremendous asset to our district," said Tim Foster, elementary math coordinator for Clayton County Public Schools of Jonesboro, GA. "The targeted instructional resources, which teachers can use for intervention and review, are irreplaceable. Our students are greatly benefiting from having their individual needs met."

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