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Discovery Aligns Digital Content to Common Core Standards

In a boost to the ongoing effort to create a national set of core curriculum standards, Discovery Education has announced its widely used digital content services streaming, streaming Plus, and Discovery Education Assessment are now aligned with Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

CCSS is a joint project of the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO). The intention, explained CCSSO executive director Gene Wilhoit, is to develop a clear, uniform set of expectations and goals for K-12 education, at every level, in mathematics and English/language arts throughout the United States. The participants aim to have these goals reflect "the knowledge and skills that students need for success in college and the workforce."

Previously, Discovery Education worked to align a good deal of its digital content to state standards of individual states, including Hawaii, Wisconsin, and several others. However, in aligning with CCSS, the company said it's looking to offer its diverse and expansive library of audiovisual educational content to enhance math and English education while adhering to standards nationwide.

"Discovery Education supports high quality standards for all students," said a company spokesperson. "This ultimately leads to a high-quality curriculum, which research tells us is one of the most important factors in student success."

Owing to partnerships with several companies and organizations prolific in producing educational video content, including PBS, Pearson Education, and BBC Worldwide, Discovery Education streaming and streaming Plus provide access to a topic- and keyword-searchable library of more than 155,000 items, including full-length video programs, clips, articles, still images, and interactive activities.

Michael Casserly, executive director of urban school advocacy organization Council of the Great City Schools, expressed enthusiasm about Discovery Education working to align such a robust collection of resources with CCSS. "It is important that new educational tools and resources are aligned with the new Common Core Standards, and we are pleased that Discovery Education is working to make that possible with its services."

A detailed overview of Discovery Education's digital content services is available here (PDF).

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