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Motorola Intros WiNG5 WLAN Architecture

Motorola Solutions has introduced WiNG5 WLAN, an 802.11 wireless network architecture aimed at helping IT departments offer high quality and maintain the flexibility necessary to keep pace with evolving infrastructure and technology, all at a more reasonable cost of ownership.

According to the company, the new system allows access point connection for more higher quality and more localized security, when compared with an ad hoc or router-based architecture, on devices that access the network, as well as the flexibility to allow a mix of virtual, local site and/or remote NOC wireless controller deployments in a single distributed network.

"The accelerating penetration of 802.11n networks and devices fueled by the demand for access to business-critical voice and video applications demand WLAN architectures that are robust, responsive and flexible," noted Craig Mathias, principal with the wireless and mobile advisory firm Farpoint Group. He said the new WiNG5 architecture "provides an unprecedented degree of flexibility, especially in the critical control plane functions that ultimately determine the performance, reliability and security of enterprise-class wireless LANs today."

Additional features of the WiNG5 WLAN include:

  • Increased capacity and greater resilience through intelligent traffic forwarding, Smart RF for application-aware self-healing and more resilient network services;
  • A wide choice of 802.11n APs and controllers and a simple, zero-configuration installation;
  • APs that cover more area, making deployment of the latest mobile applications affordable to more organizations by requiring less wireless controllers;
  • APs include built-in sensors for a Wireless Intrusion Protection System (WIPS) or network assurance; and
  • Uses integrated AirDefense Solutions software for network management, security and network assurance, reducing overall operating costs.

"Managing the wireless infrastructure across one of the largest school districts in Texas is no easy task, especially when you're running high-definition video and multimedia content to students in multiple classrooms," said Joe Griffin, CTO of Keller Independent School District (KISD) in Keller, TX.

KISD said it plans to implement the WiNG5 in the coming months. "Motorola's 802.11n WLAN has been instrumental in enabling us to deliver reliable access to our students and teachers," Griffin said, "and we are eagerly awaiting the new ... architecture so we can further strengthen our networks and continue to reduce our IT maintenance expenses."

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