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New K-12 Social Network Offers Grants for Membership

Ed tech developer Super Star Learning Co. this week formally launched Room 21, an online social learning community targeted specifically toward K-12 schools. Applications are currently available for grants to cover the cost of the membership subscription.

According to information released by the company, Room 21 "is designed to equip students with the collaborative problem solving, critical thinking and creative thinking skills necessary to succeed in the digital age."

Room 21 is also supposed to help school districts adopt Common Core State Standards by allowing them to pool standards that match those current in their own states.

The community, currently used by more than 30,000 students, is open only to school stakeholders and allows teachers, students, and parents access through three separate portals. Teachers can use the site to share or collaborate on lesson plans or mentor other teachers. Parents can communicate with teachers or set up groups around school activities and organizations, and students can use the space to work together on projects, create study groups, or share content.

"Our learning community provides a safe secure Web site for communication, digital collaboration and real-time interaction and peer review from students, parents, teachers, and administrators. Because it's a closed environment, parents can be sure their child's personal information will not be compromised," said Super Star President John Stippick.

The San Clemente-based company is selling two-year subscriptions for $10,000, but school districts can apply for $30,000 grants this year and next. The grants will allow qualifying districts to get subscriptions for three schools.

Room 21 has been in use in Hawaii all year and is "coming up as we speak" in California's Los Angeles Unified School District and Santee school district, according to Stippick.

Further information about the service can be found here.

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